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Meet Pitch and Deb

Craig (Pitch) and Deb Pitcher are the team behind   Boost Volleyball Club & Clinics.  With Pitch's incredible knowledge of the game and humorous attitude towards life, and Deb's attention to details and desire to keep everyone informed of what's going on, they balance each other out quite well.  They desire to provide you with a program that's highly educational in the sport and easy to navigate.  Come and join us and see for yourself!

Save the Date for Picture Night!

New this year!  We are having professional team and individual pictures taken for our club.  These will be used on our club website, and will also be available on the photographers website for your purchase.  Save the date and time (listed below) and be sure to bring your uniform!

Tuesday, Jan. 18th:
10U - 5:30 - 5:50
12U - 5:50 - 6:10
11U - 6:10 - 6:30
17U - 6:30 - 6:50
14 Silver - 7:00 - 7:20
14 Navy - 7:20 - 7:40
16U - 7:40 - 8:00

Thursday, Jan. 20th:
15 Silver - 5:00 - 5:20
13 Navy - 5:20 - 5:40
15 Navy - 5:40 - 6:00
13 Silver - 6:00 - 6:20

Clinics Have Come to an End for Now

Our Clinics are now over for a while, but our next one will take place in April/May of 2022.  Be sure to join our mailing list to receive updates on our next clinics!

Get a Boost with Private Lessons!

Individual and Small Group lessons have been a favorite of our Boost families and an awesome way to get direct instruction in your trouble areas.  Lessons will continue in the evenings throughout the school year.
Choose what you want to work on, and Pitch will tailor your lesson to your needs or the needs of your small group!

Click Here to Schedule your Session
(or contact Pitch at or 319-530-6328)

Pitch will take every precaution possible to teach in a safe manner, but due to current health concerns, participants will be required to sign two Release of Liability Waivers before lessons begin.  Those waivers can be downloaded from this website (top, left hand corner).

Click image to go to the Iowa Volleyball Region website

Boost Volleyball Club & Clinics

Boost Volleyball desires to invest in young volleyball players and give them the guidance and instruction needed to grow significantly in their skill.  We measure success by evaluating growth in form & technique, knowledge of the game, and positive character development.   Through challenging practices, competitive tournaments, educational clinics and focused private lessons, we provide a solid foundation for future success in the sport of volleyball.

Craig Pitcher

Craig Pitcher

Director, Coach

Deb Pitcher

Deb Pitcher